Savor the life

Please bag the rest

is what we hear more and more. Instead of leaving food on your plate and throwing it out, patrons want the ability to savor the rest at home. We are pleased to see this conscientious handling of the limited resources on our planet and are glad to comply with that wish.

Korea has worked its way up since 1950s, from one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the most important industrial nations. This is only possible with optimal use of every resource, avoidance of waste and sustainable thinking. We maintain that same stance in our Korean restaurant. We value food and do everything in our power not to waste anything.

That’s why we’re glad to bag everything you want to savor at home in containers specifically intended for this purpose. That way you avoid burdening the environment by wasting half a meal and get twice the enjoyment in return.

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  • Marcel A. Mayer

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