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As a subscriber you’re the first one to receive any news from the Okims. We rarely send out such e-mails. Our messages have helped many of our patrons to plan their next visit, especially in with the quickly changing restrictions during the pandemic.

We notify subscribers prior to holidays during which the Okims is usually fully booked. We also inform you of any special offers we implement. You are definitely better informed with a subscription which you can end at any time – so we invite you to make use of this free offer.

Derzeit bieten wir zwei kostenfreie Abonnements an, die unterschiedliche Informationen verbreiten. 

The default newsletter informs you of news about the Okims. New dishes or drinks on our menu, reminders for events and holidays and everything else we think would be interesting, entertaining or inspiring to our patrons.

The customer info is limited to urgent messages. Changes in our business hours, vacations and passing on governmental regulations for combating the corona pandemic. Customer information mails are rarely sent and only address the most pressing topics for our Patrons.

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