East asians are usually lactose intolerant, that’s why Hansik, the Korean art of cooking, excludes milk, cream and cheese in order to ease the entire gastrointestinal tract with lacto-vegetarian food.



Beoseot Jeongol

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€ 23,90
Mushroom Hotpot

Jeongol is the term for stews, or more specifically hot pots. Within a mild, neutral broth you simmer fresh Beoseot - seasonal mushrooms, such as Mu err, brown button-, oyster-, shiitake- and shimeji mushrooms along with delicate tofu, rice cakes, glass noodles and small dumplings together with various seasonal vegetables. To emphasize the flavor of the mushrooms you can add Doenjang, a fermented soy bean paste and adjust the spice level according to your preferences.

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for multiple people, Korean, vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, vegan

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