Employees welcome

The Okims is looking forward to new employees.

In the Okims chef Gernot Müller cooks together with his wife Kim Sung Suk since 2012, following authentic Korean recipes for discerning customers. Our cuisine is widely regarded and frequently commended.

Working hours

Commitment to the customer

We work when others relax

Work in the gastronomy business is dictated by the customers. As soon as offices and stores close, the private lives resume and at the Okims we are delighted to provide our customers a scrumptious conclusion to their day.
The work day for your begins one hour before opening and ends with closing time. We are glad to discuss whether you want to work part or full time.


Performance appropriate

Service that pays off

Wages are based upon the collective contract, where previous experience and service are, of course, taken into account at the Okims. It would be best to talk about your ideas and expectations for your job at the Okims in person.

New career

Just starting out?

We train as well

We are glad to instruct job starters thoroughly in the tasks of the Okims. Even if you have never worked in the gastronomy business before, you will be able to master all demands professionally in no time. Our employees are already looking forward to working with you.

At the buffet you are at the center of the Okims. Here patrons arrive, here drinks are poured and from here all dishes are carried from the kitchen to the customer.

Here preparation is everything. Well prepared you can fulfill every wish and still remain a confident host who is valued by all the patrons for their reliability and attention.


Send us your application and discuss all the Details of a long-term position at the buffet in the Okims.

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In service you are the point of contact for the customer. When greeting patrons you’re make them feel welcome. Informing the customer is your forte and every wish that comes your way is taken as a compliment.

You make sure every detail is just right. You ensure that the patrons feel at home, from your smile when they walk in to the well laid table and the professionally served dessert.

The customers questions are the reward for your interest. You are valued for your knowledge and understanding. In conversation with the customer you are valued for speaking comprehensively. International customers are serviced in english and maybe even an eastern language such as Korean or Chinese.

As mediator between kitchen and customer you create a harmonious environment. Special wishes of the customers or offers from kitchen and cellar establish variety and satisfaction.


Send us your application and discuss all the Details of a long-term position at the buffet in the Okims.

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