Koreans love spicy dishes. Our interpretation of the original recipes reduces the level of spice in order to suit the European palate and we designate all spicy dishes with savoury / spicy / very spicy. Of course you can order any dish with Korean levels of spice.

Pikante Würzung

돼지 갈비

Daeji kalbi

1 serving

€ 24,90
Pork in a kalbi sauce

Soy sauce, rice win, garlic, ginger, finely grated apples, onions and pepper are the main ingredients for the kalbi sauce within which delicately marbled pork is marinated and then seared directly on the table grill - without broth - together with mushrooms and vegetable strips.

The acid from the apples and onions ensures that the meat becomes especially tender.

Table grill

for multiple people, Korean, savory, pork

김치 빈대떡

Kimchi Bindaetteok

1 serving

€ 6,90
Kimchi pancakes

Perfectly crispy fried kimchi pancakes in small pieces. Served with an aromatic vinegar soy dipping sauce. A delicious appetizer and ideal accompaniment for rice wine, Soju or Makgeolli.


for one person, for multiple people, Korean, savory, vegetarian


Bibimbap original

1 serving

€ 20,90
Traditional Korean rice dish

Bibimbap means "stirred rice". In a fire heated stone pot various kinds of vegetables are arranged on a serving of rice, topped with spicy, marinated beef and covered by a fried egg. The finished, crackling dish is then seasoned with chili paste by the patron and thoroughly mixed. Bibimbap tastes best when it has taken on a light red color from the chili paste.

Hint: Bibimbap is always eaten with a spoon and not chopsticks in Korea.


for one person, Korean, savory, beef


Kimchi homemade

1 serving

€ 3,60
Large portion of kimchi

In an elaborate process our chef prepares this sour and spicy fermented Chinese cabbage according to a traditional recipe as a paragon of healthy food.


Korean, savory, vegan

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